Sunday, July 8, 2012

update on life in guat.

So I have a couple posts about our recent team excursion to Lake Atitlan planned, but I wanted to give a quick update since I haven't posted in a little bit. :)

Friday was a crazy day. It was the first day back from the lake, and also the house parents in the toddler house are not here. They are in Costa Rica for a baseball tournament! Their son is on the Guatemala nation baseball team - pretty cool. Learning how to run a house of 14 toddlers without them is exhausting but definitely fun. ;) 

I'm working this weekend so I got to the house yesterday at 7. It was a beautiful day outside so we spent a lot of it on the cancha and playing with "jugetes" and "bicicletas," toys and bicycles. I hear all day, and this is no joke, kids telling me that the other kids aren't sharing. They are so funny because they will give a toy to someone, and then turn around and tell me that the other kid isn't sharing! I have just started laughing. ;) Also, sometimes they will come up to me and start talking in rapid Spanish and then burst out crying and fall on the floor. They are all so dramatic. But I love them so much. 

This morning we had church and it was a really fun service. A visiting worship group came and lead worship. They were loud, fun, and definitely loved the Lord. It was so fun to see all of the little kids jumping around and dancing. They were praising the Lord. 

Something I have learned here is how precious children really are. Each and every kid at this orphanage is so special to me. God has given me His heart for them and for children in general. I want to go back to the States and view children differently. I'm excited to apply everything God is teaching me here in Guatemala to my life in the States.

Another thing I am grateful for is the ability to hang out with team members throughout the day. Sometimes many of the houses come outside and as the kids play, team members can have conversations. It's a nice break... and I can speak English. ;) 

This afternoon was more playing on the cancha, eating lunch, and watching Ice Age. My break (their nap time) is almost done so I've got to wrap this up. Below is a video. Have I mentioned how much I love these children?