Thursday, July 26, 2012

water fun.

Today the kids didn't have school. Horror movie? Nope. Not when you have a slip and slide available.

The day started out with my kids watched the little boys from Casa Samuel enjoy their fun. I felt so bad for them, but they hadn't gotten the "okay" so I had to let them stand by. And I took pictures. And I got a huge soapy hug from someone (ahem Chris). That was fun.

Finally they were able to go in and enjoyed their time immensely. When you put together 35 kids, 10 adults, a huge hill, a tarp, water, shampoo, and dirt all together it becomes a crazy party. Enjoy these pictures but know that they don't do the immense amount of fun justice.

It was so messy but so awesome. 

No more hugs please. 

Another quick story, Lauren was going down with some girls and then a boy came down and crashed into all of them. It was actually really funny to watch. :) 

She's my hug buddy. 

Love these girls so much. :) 

It was such a fun morning. What a cool way to entertain the kids... and the helpers. Haha. :) 


  1. Happy happy... and more super mondo loads of fun and happy. :D :D :D

  2. awwww, this looks so fun and happy. i love it. :)

  3. Ellie, this is too sweet for words! I love all your little posts about Guatamala! They are so encouraging :) I love reading all about your adventures and all your learning. I am glad you are enjoying your time there! ♥